America's $20.7 Billion Industry Is Taking Advantage Of People At Their Most Vulnerable

The funeral industry has always operated with very little regard for consumer rights, pushing and selling services to their customers that were costly and unnecessary; keeping prices hidden until it came time to pay the bill. However, even though funeral homes are required to follow regulations outlined in the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral since 1984, funeral scams are still very prominent today.

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Here Are Some Real Life Stories Of Innocent People Who Got Scammed By Funeral Homes

My elderly grandparents were exploited when they paid vast sums for prepaid funerals only to then have the funeral home require my parents to pay again ... The funeral home was very sneaky and duplicitous ... Hidden costs were only mentioned at the time of grieving. It was just very sneaky, and seemed to take advantage of my mom’s grieving.” The funeral was thousands of dollars more expensive in the end. “At no point was it made clear that they were extras,” he said. “It seemed very exploitative and tactical."

- Anonymous
A recently widowed woman, Felicity Johnson, is calling for further funeral cost transparency, due to what she experienced when her late husband, Michael, died in 2013. “My husband’s funeral cost was a shock and after the horrendous medical costs for him when he was dying, I was left with a huge hole in my wallet,” Mrs. Johnson said. What was even worse were the hidden charges, with the funeral home she chose making her pay costs she was previously told were included. “It’s your grief. They get you at a very vulnerable time ... I’m quite a strong person, but a lot of people are not, and they come out shocked at what it costs."

- Felicity Johnson

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