April 12, 2014

7 Easy Cookies to Make With Your Little Baker

It's easy to get kids to help mom in the kitchen when cookies are involved! Here we're sharing seven ultra-easy cookie recipes that your child can make with you. From a simple-to-bake easy peanut butter cookie to egg-free cookies kids can knead and shape, these kid-friendly recipes are perfect for your next family baking adventure!

Attention Moms!

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1. Butterfinger Cookies

This mouthwatering Butterfinger cookie recipe shared by Lori B. may very well become a new household favorite. The cookies are packed with crunch, and easy enough to make that your kids can help.

2. Extra Deluxe Chocolate Chip Cookies

"A mouthwatering Extra Deluxe Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe that you and your family [will] enjoy!"—Jeri H.

3. Easy Chocolate Cookies

If just a few chocolate chips isn't chocolatey enough for your family, try baking Jennifer S.' easy chocolate cookies instead. You only need five ingredients (including Devil's Food Cake mix) to whip up this tasty snack.

4. Easy Peanut Butter Cookies

"This is a yummy and fun thing to make with the whole family. The peanut butter taste is so awsome. Everyone would [be] sure love these cookies. They are always a fav[orite] in my family." —Terri L.

5. Molasses Drop Cookies

"While going through family recipes one day I happened upon these cookies. Having never tasted them or seen them, I was curious at how they would taste. For some reason, I imagined a hard, spicy cookie. I made a couple of tweaks and what I got was an extra soft, pillowy, nicely flavored cookie. I'm so glad I had that jar of molasses in my pantry or else I might not have been apt to make these and I would have missed out. Even my husband, who didn't want to try one at first likes them. They've really been a surprise winner out of all of the cookies I've been making a lot." —Maeghan L. of Way to His Heart

6. Soy Butter Delight Cookies

Rebekah S.'s Soy Butter Delight Cookies are easy stove-top cookies your kids will love to make (and eat). Let your little ones measure ingredients while you mix everything together on the stove. Then, the kids can have fun dropping spoonfuls of the gooey treat on wax paper to cool.

7. Egg-Free Cookies

Erin M.'s egg-free cookies take a bit more time than some of the other recipes mentioned here, but are well worth the wait. The little ones will have a blast kneading the dough and cutting out different cookie shapes.