January 5, 2013

7 Free Awesome Android Cooking Games

Everyone has his own favorite games, retro games, racing, tower defense, etc. Whether you’re looking for some android games for your kids or yourself, cooking games remain some of the classical of the gaming world today. There’s a vast of selections of cooking games apps in the Google Play, as a fan of mobile games, I want to create a list that offers a truly awesome android cooking games we encountered or missed in 2012. I also want the list to reflect what we believe will be major popular cooking games apps in the Android Market in 2013 as well. Now, here is the list. If I miss your favorite, please let me know in the comment.

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1. [Free] Stand O’Food® 3

I don’t know about you, but I love hamburgers. If you like hamburgers and want to be the master of the hamburger stand, Stand O’Food 3 is one of the best cooking game apps you can play on your Android phone. It bestows you the ability to play as a cook in a hamburger restaurant in where there are there’re lots of hungry customers. Stand O’Food® 3 offers 25 restaurants with three or four levels each, depends on your performance, each level could be finished with varying ratings. Compared with easiest level in which the task is serving people who want a cup of tea, the hardest option is more challenging. Of course, except hamburgers, pies and lasagna are also available. The goal is earn as much money as you can.

Stand O’Food® 3:Master of the Hamburger Stand

Stand O’Food® 3 App Download On Android Market

2. [Free] Burger

Burger is fast-food game, which lets you work for a restaurant to serve clients as a burger-server. All of the orders come in the form of paper where represent the ingredients. Of course, the challenge is coming with the flush orders and you have to prepare those orders as fast as you can. Only in this way, you can earn much money. Don’t miss something or mix up the order! In the game, you need to work from Monday to Saturday and the more you will play, the more ingredients will appear, so time is the money!

Burger:Fast-food Game

Burger App Download On Android Market

3. [Free] Restaurant Story™

Have you thought own yourself restaurant that fits your style: putting furniture in whatever way you like, varying the wallpaper and serve your customers with dainty food? Now, the Restaurant Story bestows you the ability to design your own dream restaurant to show off to your friends. Of course, the range of the ingredients is so large that you can select ingredients from Creme Brulee to Fish to Chips.

Restaurant Story™ App Download On Android Market

4. [Free] Bistro Cook 2

Now, in the Bistro Cook 2, your role is to be splendid chef who needs to cook delicious meals to the hungry customers. The control of game is easy, at first, you could tap the screen to select ingredients, prepare the food follow the orders, and server your customers. There’re two modes for cooking, include fry or boil and the difficult will increase as the each level process. The challenge still comes with the more and more orders. In addition, you can share your score on your Facebook or Twitter.

Bistro Cook 2:You’re Splendid Chef

Bistro Cook App Download On Android Market

5. [Free] Sushi Bar

Sushi is my favorite, it really the popular food all over the world. In this game, you will be a sushi chef and you have to manage your sushi bar carefully to satisfy your customers with the right ingredients. What attracts me most to the app is the absorbing entertainment. The key to keep your customers happy is keeping your reputation when your customers lost their patient. This game is really perfect for those guys who like time management scenarios and want to kill some time.

Sushi Bar: Make the Best Sushi

Sushi Bar App Download On Android Market

6. [Free] Cooking Master

For those patrons, as a star chef, the tasty meal might be the best compensates. Concentrate on selecting food, and frying pan to cook, then place the food, at last serve your customers. Those processes are very easy that only by tapping the screen. You could say that it’s easy. Of course not, the time limit is too short that don’t allow you to consider most items. What’s more, even the patrons, sometimes, they could lose their patience.

Cooking Master

Cooking Master App Download On Android Market

7. [Free] Cake Mania – Main Street Lite

Cake Mania was the first cooking game I prepared for my sister, because she goes crazy with cakes. In this game, the role is Jill, you need to help her make cakes and manage the cake shop. Like other games, each customer has different order, which require you to the oven and select the desired cake shape. To keep your customers happy in your shop, after you baking your cake, adding special toppings is necessary.

Cake Mania – Main Street Lite

Cake Mania – Main Street Lite App Download On Android Market